Friday, May 16, 2014

It was a late, late war, and the weather wasn't too nice either. Of RT King Tigers and Optimized Americans.

With later BF books the Germany's diminishing war machine is in the process of getting the crap kicked out of it in the historical view, at least. Game-wise this might lead into strange phenomenon of more and better equipment for less motivated/experienced troops. Something like 11 RT King Tigers won't be fun to attack with any tank force, nor will it itself attack too well any infantry, but let's say you can add 4 PZIVJ's with riders to it?

American troopers will probably be RV's as well, possibly with CV infantry to make it the best combination ever.  The question here is what the hell will the Soviets do in that scenario?

Even now you have to built for combined force that can dig out infantry, attack forts, has enough rof for tank hordes and comfortably deals with couple of heavy tanks, surviving the NGFS while at it. Gonna be another kind of list that can also face 6+ super heavy tanks on top.