Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brainstorming German Mech - 1650 punkte.

So, the hunt for mech to train with goes on.

First one is your bog standard Atlantic wall - Panzer Lehr. This should attack infantry pretty well, due the ample recon and some digging power as well. Defending versus tanks would be doable as well.

Second one would be da Puma horde, likewise from AW. I kinda like this one, myself, Pumas, strong infantry platoon, Panthers/Pak40s.

Third one is geared towards getting there fast, and holding the objective long enough, all the while limiting risks with smoke. The mortar wagons double as digging tools.

4th option doesn't lack speed, either, and has my new favorite tool, StuHs on top, this might lack some staying power though.

Sharing is caring, people, let me know if you prefer one, or if you think they all suck, let me know as well. I'm gonna pick one of these to start getting good with. And promise to do a show and tell afterwards. :)

Looking at the lists, Halkomahooli is producing, makes me wonder a bit...

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