Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fallschirmjäger from Bridge by Bridge at 1650

After beating my friends US lists black and blue with attacking forces, he's adamant in thinking that attacking is the key to do well in the game, which might not be too far from the truth. 

However, even though I told him to try out mech/tank options if he really wants to attack that much, he insists on wanting to attack with infantry. So without further ado, I'll use next time what I've used before and though originally was thinking of trying out the new FI iterations of FJ's, the BBB boys fit better thematically as they were historically very much in close relations with US Paras.

Here's my take on the 6th FJR at 1650 points, I would be pretty comfortable defending against anything with the list and opted for 4 Stugs in favor of 3 StuHs this time, although the swap is tempting to say the least, could probably go with 4th Pak and 3 StuHs.

4 Stugs

Stuhs, 4 Paks, Faust for CiC and 4th trap added, I think this wins...

I rather dislike the FV infantry vs. FV infantry fests, but we'll see if can make my point with this piece of nastiness.